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About Rose Garden Village

“Enjoy the cool country breeze in this perfect Texas getaway.”

Rose Garden Village is located in Red Rock, Texas, a small country town with only the local post office and old General store.  The Village is located approximately 25 miles south east of Austin.


The Buckner Manor is like no other Bed and Breakfast you have experienced. This 1920 gem of a home has recently been totally restored in order to transport the vacationer to a more peaceful time when a person could enjoy the quiet surroundings and yet have all the amenities a full home could provide. 

The Lone Oak Inn is an exceptional small event venue. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to relax, need a place to stay while enjoying the new F1 Racetrack & Event Venue  in Elroy, or want to host a small event in a quaint atmosphere, you’ll find the answer here at Rose Garden Village.

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